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Proven Technology, Trusted Content

Vista Academy is built on a sophisticated technology platform designed solely for world language learning.

Keep students engaged

Over 6,000 educational institutions currently rely on VHL’s technology to deliver their fully online and/or hybrid courses. The education technology platform keeps students academically engaged, challenged, and entertained.

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Student-directed learning

The Vista Academy platform is designed to optimize student-directed learning and features a unique learning progression to provide a clear organizational structure that contextualizes the learning experience for students. Discovery-based activities engage students so they can actively explore and learn in a structured, instructor-guided learning environment alongside their peers.

Vista Academy’s Platform

The VHL proprietary LMS has powerful capabilities and is built to integrate with master LMS systems.

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Instructor Interventions: Prompted instructor interventions to assist struggling students.

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Automated Assessments: Formative and summative assessments that enable both students and instructors to gauge performance.

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Student Diagnostics: Diagnostic tools that allow students to self-remediate.

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Automatic Grading and Performance Reports: Automatic grading and performance reports that simplify course monitoring and record keeping.

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LMS Integration: Easy integration with most master LMS systems (Blackboard, Moodle, Desire to Learn, and Canvas), making set up, operation, and management seamless.

Proven performance

Vista Academy’s LMS has a proven track record of exemplary performance.

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For Students

Vista Academy’s platform keeps your students educated, challenged, and engaged.

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Interactive Tutorials: Our interactive vocabulary and grammar tutorials optimize students’ comprehension and retention of new vocabulary and grammar. Embedded self-check activities require students to be active participants and take ownership of their learning.

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Speech Recognition: The speech recognition embedded in Vocabulary Tutorials identifies utterances to objectively determine if a student knows a word and provides real-time feedback. Real-time feedback increases student awareness of pronunciation through low-stakes production practice.

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Dynamic Communication Activities: The innovative, interactive communication activities such as live student partner chats provide real world practice opportunities.