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Providing Solutions

Vista Academy is an exceptional and effective solution for schools that want to offer world language programs and that are looking for the highest quality, affordable, flexible, and turn-key option.

Supporting Institutions

Stay competitive with other institutions that offer world languages, especially Spanish, the second-most widely spoken language in the United States.


Vista Academy offers full-service world languages courses.

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Content, curriculum, and instruction: Vista Academy includes all you need for your course, with highly qualified instructors, virtual office hours, on-demand one-on-one sessions, and VHL’s proven technology platform that offers the best-in-class content and pedagogic sequence for asynchronous learning.

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Customizable: Courses can be configured in multiple modalities—highly interactive and dynamic synchronous virtual classes, asynchronous courses, and flexible learning environments. We work closely with lead administrators to configure courses that meet their curricula and course requirements.

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Live virtual classes: All classes are led by a dedicated instructor that follows a robust curriculum and lesson plans that include proven class scripts to ensure consistency and a focus on quality student engagement. Small class sizes permit individual remediation and support.

Highly qualified instructors

Vista Academy’s instructors are not only native speakers, but they also have extensive experience teaching, online pedagogical training, and a passion for generating student engagement.

Specially trained instructors

All instructors have prior experience teaching a world language and participate in an extensive Vista Academy training program with particular emphasis on virtual teaching techniques, student engagement, remediation strategies, and Vista Academy’s proprietary platform. While also…

  • Participating in ongoing professional development for best practices in online instruction
  • Aligning with hiring requirements of partner organizations
  • Submitting to continuous improvement evaluation of instructors and pedagogy


We want to work with you to create the best option for your institution.

  • Pricing is course-based and includes full instructor support
  • Customized courses align with institutional requirements and policies
  • Discounts applied for multiple course offerings and larger enrollments